Nitrogen Purity Meter- (NPM 250)

  • Sensor – N2 ( EC ), 0.1 %
  • Resolution Ranges – 0 – 100 %
  • Response Time – T90 <15 sec with flow > 0 LPM
  • Display – In-built Graphics Display
  • Pressure – < 15 PSI
  • Auto Calibration – User Command for Zero Air Calibration
  • Battery – Rechargeable (lasts for 20 hours )

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Product Description

Nitrogen Purity Meter

The Nitrogen Purity Meter (NPM 250) is a reliable and accurate tool in the complex world of industrial operations where accuracy is critical. This cutting-edge equipment provides a complete solution for monitoring and maintaining optimal nitrogen purity. It is painstakingly built to meet the demanding needs of industries dependent on high-quality nitrogen gas. Modern sensors and technology on the NPM 250 guarantee highly accurate nitrogen purity measurements. This device offers unmatched reliability in real-time data with an accuracy level that surpasses industry requirements. Because of its broad dynamic measuring range, this nitrogen purity meter can be used in a variety of sectors. The NPM 250 adjusts to the particular requirements of your operation, regardless of the level of nitrogen purity required by your process. With the NPM 250’s intuitive UI, navigating the complexity of gas analysis is made simple. The instrument’s user-friendly design makes it simple to operate, making it suitable for both experienced operators and operators with different degrees of skill. Operators can monitor and analyze data instantly because the equipment displays nitrogen purity levels in real-time. This feature facilitates fast decision-making, allowing operators to act quickly to preserve ideal process conditions. The NPM 250 has an integrated calibration system with automated alarms for calibration intervals to guarantee continuous accuracy. This proactive maintenance strategy reduces downtime and extends the instrument’s lifespan. At the heart of the NPM 250 lies a state-of-the-art Nitrogen (EC) sensor, renowned for its exceptional accuracy. Boasting a remarkable 0.1% resolution, this sensor ensures that the instrument delivers precise measurements of nitrogen purity, leaving no room for compromise in the quality of end products. the Nitrogen Purity Meter (NPM 250) is more than an instrument; it’s a testament to technological innovation in the realm of gas analysis. From its high-precision sensor to its user-friendly interface, every feature is meticulously crafted to cater to the evolving needs of industries where nitrogen purity is not just a metric but a critical determinant of success. Elevate your gas analysis capabilities with the NPM 250 and unlock a new era of precision in industrial processes.

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