Nitrogen Analyzer – PMN250

  • Measuring Principle: EC (0.1% Resolution)
  • Ranges : 0- 100%
  • Pressure: 15 PSI
  • Accuracy: 2% @FS
  • Response Time: T90 <15 Sec at Flow > 0 LPM
  • Power Supply: 220V/ 50 Hz A
  • Mounting: Panel Mounting

Product Description

Serrax Technologies’ Nitrogen Analyzer (PMN250) is an advanced instrument that measures the percentage of nitrogen in a gas mixture using an innovative EC (Electrochemical) measuring principle. With a resolution of 0.1%, this nitrogen analyzer can accurately detect nitrogen content within a range of 0-100%.
The PMN250 device is designed to operate at a pressure of 15 PSI, which makes it suitable for use in various industrial applications. The device has a high accuracy of 2% at Full Scale (FS), which makes it an excellent choice for critical applications that require precise measurements.
The response time of the PMN250 device is exceptionally fast, with a T90 of fewer than 15 seconds at flow rates greater than 0 LPM. This means that the analyzer can quickly and accurately measure the nitrogen content in gas mixtures, ensuring that processes run efficiently and safely.
The Nitrogen Analyzer has a power supply of 220V/50 Hz AC, which makes it compatible with a range of electrical systems. The analyzer is designed for easy installation and comes with panel mounting capability. This feature allows for easy integration into existing control systems, reducing installation time and costs.
The Nitrogen Analyzer (PMN250) is a reliable, accurate, and fast device for measuring nitrogen content in gas mixtures. With its high precision and quick response time, this analyzer is ideal for use in various industrial applications, including food and beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Nitrogen analyzers employ different measurement principles to determine nitrogen concentrations. Some common techniques include thermal conductivity, chemiluminescence, and infrared sensors. Nitrogen analyzer instruments may offer various features and capabilities depending on the specific model and manufacturer. Nitrogen analyzers find application in a wide range of industries. They are commonly used in gas production and purification processes, where monitoring nitrogen levels is crucial. In food packaging, nitrogen analyzers ensure the quality and shelf life of packaged goods by monitoring nitrogen flushing.

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