Gaseous Pollutant Sampler – APM433N

  • Absorbers Provided : Sampling Rate of each Impinger 2 Nos. of 35ml borosilicate glass impingers as per BIS 5182 (Part 6) 2006 and 1 fritted disc impinger placed in the thermoelectrically cooled tray
  • Sampling Rate of each Impinger : 0.2 -2.0 lpm measured using digital flow sensor
  • Sampling Train : A Manifold having three inlets and one outlet with built-in needle valves for flow control of each inlet
  • Sampling Time : 28 hours (maximum)
  • Sampling Time Record : 0 to 99:59 (99 hours and 59 minutes)
  • Automatic Sampling : Control 24 hrs Programmable timer to automatically shut off the system after a preset interval.
  • Compositing Mode of Operation : Programmable pump operation with ON & OFF period (controllable 1 – 99 minutes)
  • Sampling Pump : Diaphragm pump with 6LPM free flow rate and 15CM of Mercury pressure
  • Power Requirement : Nominal 220v, single phase 50 Hz AC, 150 watts.

Product Description

Gaseous Pollutant Sampler

The Thermo Electrically Cooled Gaseous Pollutant Sampler APM 433N is an advanced and reliable air sampling instrument designed for monitoring gaseous pollutants in ambient air. This instrument is capable of detecting and analyzing various gaseous pollutants, including SO2, NO2, Cl2, H2S, NH3, and others. The sampler uses suitable reagents to absorb specific gaseous pollutants, and the resulting absorbing solutions are analyzed using standard wet chemical methods.
The APM 433N is equipped with two borosilicate glass impingers and one fritted disc impinger, all placed in the thermoelectrically cooled tray, to absorb gaseous pollutants. The sampler has a sampling rate of 0.2-2.0 lpm, which is measured using a digital flow sensor. The sampling train has a manifold with three inlets and one outlet with built-in needle valves for flow control of each inlet.
The sampler has a maximum sampling time of 28 hours, and the sampling time record can be set between 0 to 99:59 (99 hours and 59 minutes). The APM 433N has an automatic sampling control feature, which includes a 24-hour programmable timer that automatically shuts off the system after a preset interval. The sampler also has a compositing mode of operation, which allows for programmable pump operation with ON and OFF periods, controllable between 1-99 minutes.
The APM 433N sampling pump is a diaphragm pump with a free flow rate of 6LPM and 15CM of Mercury pressure. The sampler requires a nominal 220V, single-phase 50 Hz AC power supply, and consumes 150 watts of power.
The APM 433N is a high-quality air sampler designed to meet the requirements of environmental monitoring agencies, industrial hygiene, and research institutions. Its advanced features, including the thermoelectrically cooled tray, automatic sampling control, and programmable pump operation, make it a reliable and efficient instrument for monitoring gaseous pollutants in ambient air. With its accurate and precise analysis capabilities, the APM 433N is an ideal tool for ensuring air quality and safety.

At Serrax Technologies, we are dedicated to providing advanced solutions for environmental monitoring. Our Gaseous Pollutant Sampler APM433N is a cutting-edge instrument designed to accurately sample and measure gaseous pollutants in ambient air. With its exceptional features and reliability, it is the ideal tool for monitoring air quality and assessing pollutant levels.

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