Fine Particulate Sampler – PM2.5 MFC- APM555MFC

• PM10 Impactor and WINS Impactor for PM 2.5 conform to USEPA design
• Active flow control system using mass flow controller. Flow rate Controls at 16.7 L/min.
• The flow rate by MFC system is actively sensed and controlled at a predetermined set point
• The sampler displays the current volumetric flow rate (L/min.), Total Volume, Elapse Time, Coefficient of Variation (CV), Filter Temperature, Filter Pressure and Barometric Pressure.
• The Sampler has auto shut off at filter chock and low flow rate
• The sampler has auto and manual running mode
• User selectable recording interval. Real Time clock records the operating time for each sample
• The sampler logs all the sensor data into internal SD card memory and can retrieve through Pend Drive into excel file whenever needed for analysis
• Oil Free, non-pulsating pump driven by induction motor for stable flow rate
• Robust for Indian field sampling conditions

Product Description

Serrax Technologies has developed a highly advanced Fine Particulate Sampler that offers exceptional performance and reliability. This innovative device is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the USEPA and offers highly accurate and precise measurements of PM 2.5 and PM 10 particulate matter. With a range of advanced features and capabilities, the PM 2.5 MFC Sampler is an essential tool for anyone involved in air quality monitoring and research.
One of the key features of our PM 2.5 MFC Sampler is its size-selective inlets. The Fine particulate  sampler is equipped with both PM 10 and WINS impactors, which conform to USEPA design specifications. These inlets enable the sampler to accurately and selectively capture particulate matter of different sizes, ensuring that only PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles are collected and analyzed.
The APM555 MFC sampler also features an active flow control system that uses a mass flow controller to regulate the primary (PM 2.5) sample flow at a rate of 1.67 L/min. The sampler displays the current volumetric flow rate in L/min, providing real-time information on the sampler’s performance.
Another important feature of the PM 2.5 MFC Sampler is its elapsed time indicator. The sampler is equipped with a real-time clock that records the operating time for each sample. This information is invaluable for data analysis and ensures that the sampler is working correctly and efficiently.
The PM 2.5 MFC Sampler(APM555 MFC) also features a data logger that records and displays a range of important data, including flow rate, ambient temperature, filter temperature, barometric pressure, filter pressure, elapsed time or sampler run time, total volume, coefficient of variation (CV). The logging interval is user-selectable, allowing users to customize the sampler’s logging frequency according to their specific needs.
Data transfer is made easy with the PM 2.5 MFC Sampler, as it can be done through a pen drive in Excel format. This enables users to quickly and easily transfer data to a computer or other device for further analysis.
The Fine Particulate  Sampler also comes with a leak check adapter, which is used to ensure that the sampler is functioning correctly and is not leaking air. The vacuum pump is oil-free and non-pulsating, driven by an induction motor for a stable flow rate. The flow control unit uses VFD for stable pump control, ensuring accurate and precise measurements.
The filter holder and media accommodate a 47 mm filter, which is capable of capturing a wide range of particulate matter. The operation mode is both manual and automatic, with an in-built system to control the start and stop times of the sampler. The auto shut-off feature has low flow and high filter pressure settings, which ensures that the sampler is turned off automatically when necessary to prevent damage to the equipment.
Finally, the PM 2.5 MFC Sampler features volumetric flow rate compensation, which is performed automatically by the built-in system using sensors for ambient temperature and barometric pressure. This ensures that the sampler’s measurements are accurate and reliable, even in changing environmental conditions.

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