Automatic Weather Station – AWS10P

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Automatic Weather Station

Serrax Technologies’ Portable Automatic Weather Station(AWS) is designed to collect and transmit real-time weather data from a remote location. This compact and lightweight weather station makes it easy to transport to different places for temporary or permanent weather monitoring.
This device is equipped with sensors that measure Temperature, Relative Humidity, Wind speed, Wind direction, Barometric Pressure, and precipitation. The system has an in-built data logger and can be configured to upload data at periodic intervals to our optional cloud server via a GSM modem as such users can access data from anywhere.
The portable Automatic Weather Station is built to withstand harsh weather conditions, with rugged and weatherproof housing that protects the sensors and electronic components from the elements. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery that can provide continuous operation for several days, and it can be recharged using a solar panel or an external power source.
Our Portable AWS is a reliable and efficient solution for weather monitoring in remote locations, providing accurate and timely data to support various industries such as agriculture, transportation, and emergency response.

The AWS10P is equipped with sensors to measure a wide range of weather parameters including temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, precipitation, solar radiation, and more. It provides a holistic view of the current weather conditions. The instrument is designed to be lightweight and compact, allowing for effortless transportation and quick setup in various locations. Its portable nature makes it suitable for temporary weather monitoring needs or mobile applications. The AWS10P automatically collects and records weather data at regular intervals, providing real-time updates. This allows for timely analysis and decision-making based on the latest weather information. The instrument typically has built-in data logging capabilities, allowing for the storage of weather data over time. This enables long-term monitoring, trend analysis, and the generation of reports for further analysis.

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