Portable Ambient Air Quality Monitor

"Photograph of a portable particulate monitor instrument with a digital display, designed for air quality measurement and environmental monitoring."


Principle: Light Scattering (Particulates PM2.5, PM10)
• Range: PM10: 0-1000 µg/m3 5: 0-700 µg/m3
• Resolution: PM10 : 1 µg/m3 5: 1 µg/m3
• Measurement: Simultaneous PM2.5 and PM10
• Response Time: T90 < 30 sec
• Memory: 4 GB
• PC Interface: RS232 or USB
• Display: In-built graphics LCD
• Recording Interval: Programmable – 5, 15, 30 min
• Running Modes: Survey or Recording (with location id & date- time stamps)
• Battery: In-built, rechargeable Li-Polymer (lasts for 6-8 hours)
• Weight: Approximately 0.5 Kgs. (with battery)
• Warranty: One year
• Accessories: Carrying case, Charger, USB data transfer cable, Windows software

Portable particulate monitor & detectors are changing the way we approach and protect our daily lives in an era where the quality of the air we breathe is under growing scrutiny. These portable devices with cutting-edge sensing capabilities enable people to keep an eye on the quality of the air while they’re on the go. Let’s explore the significant influence that portable particle monitor and detectors are having on our daily lives.

  1. Real-Time Awareness: Users can stay aware about their local surroundings with the use of portable particulate monitor, which offer real-time data on air quality. People can now be aware of the air they breathe when traveling, working out outside, or just taking a stroll in the park.
  2. Health Empowerment: People can take proactive measures to safeguard their health by making educated judgments when they are aware of particle levels. Individuals who have respiratory disorders or are sensitive to air pollution can reduce their exposure to hazardous particles by wearing protective masks or modifying their activities.
  3. Workplace Well-being: The impact extends beyond personal use. Portable particulate monitors are finding their way into workplaces, where employers are increasingly prioritizing employee health. Monitoring indoor air quality becomes crucial in closed office spaces, ensuring a conducive environment for productivity and well-being.
  4. Outdoor Activities Redefined: Outdoor enthusiasts now have access to a tool that improves their experience. The portable particle monitor serves as a guide, letting people select the ideal times and locations for their activities based on air quality data, whether they are hiking in nature reserves or running in the city.
  5. Community Engagement: The communal application of portable particle monitors enhances participation and awareness within the community. Armed with information, citizens can take part in environmental campaigns, push for laws governing cleaner air, and cooperate to develop healthier living conditions.
  6. Educational Tool: With the use of portable particulate monitor, students can learn more about the dynamics of air quality. These gadgets can be used by community organizations, environmental organizations, and schools to educate the next generation about the significance of air quality and its effects on health.

Why is the PM1025 used?

  • Small and portable : Your portable environmental protector is the PM1025. Because of its compact size and light weight, you can carry it almost everywhere and keep an eye on the air quality. The PM1025 gives you access to real-time data whether you’re at home, work, or outside.
  • Accurate Particulate Matter Monitoring : Particularly small (PM2.5) and big (PM10) airborne particulate matter can be dangerous. The PM1025 is excellent at identifying and measuring tiny particles, providing precise information about the air you’re breathing. Making wise decisions regarding your health and wellbeing requires having this knowledge.
  • Display of Real-Time Data : The PM1025’s intuitive digital display is one of its most noteworthy characteristics. You’ll see real-time readings of particulate matter levels as soon as you switch it on. For people and organizations wishing to immediately gauge air quality, this function is vital.
  • Logging Data for Trend Analysis : The Portable Particulate Monitor allows you to log data over time in addition to providing real-time data. This function is crucial for monitoring changes in air quality and locating probable sources of pollution. It’s a great resource for academics, environmentalists, and anyone interested in long-term changes to air quality.
  • Multipurpose Design : More than merely a particle matter detector, the PM1025 has other features. Additional characteristics including temperature, humidity, and air pressure are offered by certain models. With the help of this multipurpose design, you may get a complete picture of your surroundings and make data-driven judgments.

A major change in the way we interact with our environment has occurred with the introduction of portable particle monitors into our everyday routines. With the help of these gadgets, people can take control of their health, make wise decisions, and actively participate in the larger discussion on environmental well-being. As these monitors become more widely available, we may look forward to a time when having clean air is not just a worldwide objective but also a daily reality that is influenced by the decisions made by knowledgeable people. In addition to being a technological advance, the portable particle meter represents a breath of fresh air in our shared quest for healthy living.

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