Stack Monitoring Kit – SKM150

stack monitor kit

Efficiency and environmental compliance are key success factors in industrial operations. The Stack Monitoring Kit – SKM150 is a shining example of Serrax Technologies‘ dedication to accuracy, sustainability, and innovation. Serrax Technologies is at the forefront of equipping industries with cutting-edge instrumentation.

Unveiling the Stack Monitoring Kit – SKM150:

A game-changer, the Stack Monitoring Kit – SKM150 enables enterprises to efficiently measure and manage emissions. This kit, which was created to offer precise insights on stack gases, gives companies the resources they need to make sure they are in compliance with strict environmental standards while maximizing operational effectiveness.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Real-time Monitoring: The SKM150 is equipped with real-time monitoring features that provide you immediate access to important data. This enables industry stakeholders to quickly alter processes, reducing emissions and increasing compliance.
  2. Comprehensive Gas Analysis: The SKM150 ensures a complete understanding of emissions with its capacity to analyze a variety of gases, including contaminants and greenhouse gases. This thorough research is essential for pinpointing problem areas and reducing environmental impact.
  3. Precise Data Collection: Accurate data collection is essential for making well-informed judgments. Due to the accuracy of the SKM150, industries can monitor emission patterns, evaluate potential concerns, and put in place efficient mitigation measures.
  4. Customized Reporting: Our Stack Monitoring Kit transforms data into insights that can be put to use. Customized reporting tools make it simple to visualize emission patterns, assisting with regulatory documentation and compliance reporting.
  5. Enhanced Compliance: Complying with environmental laws is an essential component of contemporary industrial operations. The SKM150 streamlines the compliance process by offering the instruments required to adhere to standards and lower the possibility of fines.

Applications Across Industries:

The Stack Monitoring Kit – SKM150 is useful in a variety of industries, including manufacturing plants and energy facilities. It supports refineries in managing volatile organic compound emissions, helps power plants optimize combustion processes, and aids in determining the quality of the air in metropolitan areas.

A Greener Future with Serrax Technologies:

Serrax Technologies’ goal is to offer solutions that promote environmental responsibility and ethical business practices. The Stack Monitoring Kit – SKM150 is a reflection of our commitment to developing tools that enable industries to accomplish their operational objectives while reducing their ecological impact.


  • Manometer for Stack Velocity
  • Temperature probe and indicator
  • Pitot Tube
  • Pressure gauge for particulate and gaseous
  • 0-30/0-60 LPM Rotameter for particulate
  • 0-3/0-6 LPM Rotameter for gaseous
  • Digital Timer
  • Optional Dry Gas Meter
  • Thimble Holder
  • Impingers
  • 50/100 LPM Vacuum Pump


The Serrax Technologies Stack Monitoring Kit – SKM150 is a catalyst for progress rather than just an instrument. This equipment helps create a cleaner, more sustainable environment by assuring compliance, streamlining procedures, and cutting emissions. With the SKM150, join us in embracing innovation, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. To get started on the path to a better, greener future, get in touch with Serrax Technologies right away.

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